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S. Barnes and S. Barnes

Joseph was amazing to work with in purchasing our first home. Buying a home is considered one of the most stressful things in life. Having to figure out what type of home you want, where to live, and the financial impact. However, Joseph made the process enjoyable and his resources made the transaction smooth.

Through his resources, it was so helpful that we were able to use a search tool to help us gather a list of properties to check out. As we learned, even with my detailed spreadsheet and check-off list, you never know if it’s the right property until actually seeing it. Some were amazing and some we jokingly would say, “we came, we saw, and on to the next!”

I appreciate that we were able to see the differences in the properties from the top to the bottom of our budget. It was valuable in helping focus in on what we really wanted and what made sense. Of course, we came across those lovely cash buyers who gobbled up the property in seconds, but Joseph was really good in keeping our spirits up for the next, right property. In all, we had an amazing time working with Joseph – filled with lots of laughs, real estate knowledge, and at the end, a home perfect for what we needed and wanted.