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Greater Los Angeles Area


Very few places in the United States can be more exciting and dynamic than the Greater Los Angeles Area. Encompassing five counties and three metropolitan areas in Southern California, it is the second-largest urban region in the country with a population of nearly 19 million.

Greater LA is known for its urban sprawl – something that partly comes from the many downtowns and commercial centers in the region. It’s home to numerous businesses, including some of the top corporations in the world. Its consistently robust economy has led to the continuous influx of residents who come for the many opportunities found in this bustling mega-metropolis.

Best known worldwide as the center of movie-making, Greater LA also draws millions of tourists every year for its fantastic array of world-class shopping and dining, as well as its iconic and trendsetting neighborhoods. In addition, the region is a mecca for sports, culture, fashion, technology, and so much more.

Real estate in the Greater Los Angeles Area

LA and luxury truly go hand-in-hand. The area boasts some of the most prestigious communities in the world, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Bel-Air, and West Hollywood. Home to famous celebrities, tech gurus, and Hollywood bigwigs, these neighborhoods feature stunning mansions and estates that command some of the highest real estate prices in the world.

Luxe living in the region goes beyond these well-known communities. All around Greater Los Angeles are beautiful homes where aesthetics, comfort, and function marry. The region’s vibrant, family-friendly cities feature numerous established and new neighborhoods where you’ll find the finest homes in a wide array of architectural styles, ages, and sizes.

Greater LA neighborhoods offer their own distinct flavors and characteristics. Some are historic communities that reflects the classic mid-20th century California lifestyle, while others are nestled amid the wooded riding trails ofSan Fernando Valley. Newer communities feature high rise condos and contemporary townhomes in addition to single-family homes and are built around manmade lakes, shopping centers, and other attractions and conveniences.

There are also the much-coveted beachfront communities featuring single-family homes, townhomes, and condos with great access to the best Southern California beaches.

Real estate throughout the region is acknowledged to have prime value that has proven resilient even on economic downturns. We represent gorgeous homes in many of LA’s upcoming and established communities. Explore the numerous options you can find here:

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Living in the Greater Los Angeles Area

  • Family-Friendly

    Topnotch schools, safe neighborhoods, and fantastic community amenities make Greater LA an excellent place for families. There’s a wealth of activities and attractions that kids of all ages can enjoy and learn from, starting with world-famous destinations like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Los Angeles Zoo. Science museums, gardens, parks, playgrounds, and museums are found all around the city, offering a variety of experiences for kids.

  • The great outdoors

    Southern California’s bountiful nature destinations are just within reach of Greater LA residents. From popular beaches to Mount Baldy, the highest point in LA County, outdoor attractions abound in the region. Griffith Park, Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, Runyon Canyon Park, and La Tuna Canyon Park are just a few of the places to explore. There are numerous community parks, as well, featuring sports fields, picnic areas, playgrounds, gardens, and more.

  • Retail haven

    Whether you’re looking for the world’s top luxury brands or love bargain hunting in outlet stores, Greater LA has everything you want. Prestigious retail strips like Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, and The Grove provide some of the world’s best shopping. There’s a shopping center or a strip mall in practically every neighborhood, selling everything from the most upscale clothing and jewelry brands to handcrafted décor and homemade goodies.

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