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A Guide to Selling a Home in Greater Los Angeles

While finding potential buyers is not a big problem in a seller’s market like Los Angeles, there is always the need to ensure you secure the best price possible for your home.

Here are a few important tips to help you achievethat goal.

Renovate to update

Buyers are mostly interested in turnkey properties. They prefer to simply move in and get on with life, and not have to start with renovation work. They are also attracted to homes with modern designs and conveniences.

If your kitchen and bathrooms are dated, consider remodeling to bring them up to current styles and standards. Kitchen and bathroom renovations offer the best return on investment of all home renovation projects. More affordable updates that can also impress buyers include repainting the walls and relaying the floors.

Outdoor spaces are another important aesthetic. One of the reasons many love living in LA is the great weather and fantastic outdoors. They want to be part of the experience and appreciate a well-landscaped lawn. Opt for ‘zeroscaping’ ideas that are low maintenance and call for minimal water usage. With the frequent droughts in recent years, buyers want an outdoor space that can still look good even with the least watering necessary.

Stage to impress

Staged homes have been found to sell much faster and at a higher price. To get top dollar for your property, consider adding home staging to your must-do list.

You can hire a firm to come in and do the work for you. You can also consult with them on furnishings, which many home staging firms supply. Alternatively, you can do the staging yourself, but it’s important to follow some guidelines to ensure the desired results.

The idea is to make it easy forbuyers to imagine living in the space. The décor needs to be impersonal, yet stylish and inviting. All personal possessions should be hidden away. Family photos, bold art pieces, and sports memorabilia are some of the items that can be distracting to buyers.

Staging can also help older homes seem contemporary. Where you do not want to go through the expense of a professional stager, consult with your Realtor. Their experience lends itself to guiding sellers to this.

Price your property correctly

It’s important to set the correct price for your home right from the start. Overpricing is the single biggest reason homes sit on the market longer than necessary. The longer a property goes unsold, the less desirable it appears to buyers.

On the other hand, setting a price lower than the market value can help drive up the eventual sale price. Lower prices will always attract greater attention from potential buyers. The better a deal they feel they’re getting, the more firm offers they will make. A bidding war may then take place, ending in a result higher than you expected.

The safe option is to stay as close as possible to the appraised market value. However, this can lead to lost opportunities. For the best decision, ask for advice from your Realtor.

Highlight the good stuff

Given the low supply of listings within the LA area, many buyers are ultimately choosing to settle further away, where they can get more bang for their buck. Less known neighborhoods are seeing an upsurge, especially when sellers make a greater effort to market their homes and locales.

Taking detailed pictures of the home interiors and exteriors is a good way to start with online listings. Sharing information on local amenities, such as transport links into LA, top restaurants, and shopping centers, is great for attracting people who appreciate the convenience.

Work with an experienced Realtor

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