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8 qualities and amenities to look for in a high-end LA condo

If you are still on the hunt for the ideal condo that captures the best of luxury living in Los Angeles, look for these eight outstanding features to narrow down your search:

Smart home features and appliances

The future of comfort and convenience has already arrived. Smart home appliances are becoming increasingly popular, as well as relevant in modern living spaces.

From today’s wave of trendy voice-activated smart assistants that operate your “ecosystem” of Wi-Fi-connected appliances, to practical innovations like smart thermostats, light bulbs, and door locks, digital technology is making a strong impression on home living.

Take care of your convenience and energy-efficiency needs with these fixtures in your unit.

Stable and high-speed Wi-Fi in and around your unit

Staying connected is an essential part of modern living, whether for work or leisure. While you can choose the right service provider to make sure you have excellent wireless internet service inside your unit, you’ll also benefit from moving into a building that offers reliable Wi-Fi all around the property.

A quiet place to work

A residential building with a dedicated co-working space fits right into the increasingly common mobile working lifestyle. Matched with a dependable wireless internet service, this bonus amenity should give you plenty of options to stay productive – for days when staying in just doesn’t cut it.

Fitness facilities with scheduled classes and programs

In-house fitness centers and lap pools are now standard inclusions in any decently equipped condominium complex. But the best ones take their residents’ exercise goals further by offering scheduled classes. From yoga classes to personal trainer programs, these options allow condo owners to stay on top of their physical health without having to drive to the neighborhood gym.

An inspiring view from inside your unit

One of the best things about owning a Los Angeles condo is getting outstanding city and landscaped views – whether bathed in almost year-long sunshine or draped in romantic, starlit night sky. An excellent floor-to-ceiling window or a spacious balcony that offers these great vantage points will make your high-end condo purchase worth every penny.

Social spaces

Whether for mingling with your fellow unit owners or for entertaining friends or family, having an adequate place for social functions will come in handy at some point.

Amenities like these come in many forms. Some condo buildings have spacious roof decks designed with outdoor kitchens or barbecue grills. Some have verdant, landscaped courtyards for some welcome green space. In some cases, you can also enjoy a nice and cozy lounge housed in your condo building.

Pet-friendly amenities

Living with pets is a delight for some condo owners, but not all buildings allow keeping animals inside residential units. While pet-friendly premises are already a great bonus, you can also find buildings that offer dedicated amenities like a pet spa or in-building dog park.

A full-service concierge

Luxury living is all about convenience. If your condo offers concierge services that can handle everything from your laundry to your gift shopping, you’ve found yourself a winner.

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