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5 mistakes that will hinder your home sale

Selling a house takes some time, but there’s a fine line between being patient and simply having a listing that’s not getting any attention.

Figure out what you can do to improve your chances of selling your home. Here are five common seller mistakes that get in the way of a successful sale – and what you can do to fix them:

You are not paying attention to your area’s housing market

Selling your home is more than just cleaning and sprucing up to catch buyers’ attention. You also need data to understand how buyers are behaving in your local market.

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is an effective means to get the essential information and insights that you need. Through this process, you can compare the prices of properties similar to yours (based on factors like size, layout, and location) that are currently listed, under contract, and recently sold.

A CMA can also give you important insights about why expired listings or listings pulled from the market failed to sell.

Work with your agent for access to all the necessary resources, as well as an expert’s analysis and interpretation of the data you’ve gathered.

You are asking for too much

When you don’t understand what’s going on in the local market, you will not know how to correctly price your home when you list it. Without the relevant market data, chances are you will overprice your home. Your emotions and sentimental bias toward your home will likely lead you to an unrealistic expectation toward your home’s actual value.

Savvy buyers will always be inclined toward listings with a justifiable price tag, leaving your home ignored on listings pages. After some time, you will be forced to cut your price drastically – even below the home’s market value – just to regain buyer interest.

Your property is not in its ideal “showing” condition yet

Did you do a deep clean of the home before listing it? Did you store away personal trinkets and décor like your family photos and your other quirky collections? Are all the fixtures – from the faucets to light switches – in perfect working order?

Getting a house ready to sell takes a lot more than sweeping the floors and dusting off shelves. A lot more thought and preparation goes into this important pre-selling step. Your goal is to present your home in its best, most move-in-ready condition.

Your photos are not impressive enough

With so many real estate buyers today starting their home search on the internet, it pays to invest in professional staging and photography to make your listing stand out.

Attention-grabbing images – or better yet, a video tour around your house – are excellent complements to detailed property descriptions on your listing. These media are perfect for the visually-driven social media age.

You are not working with the right real estate agent for your needs

Putting your house back on the market is a lot easier when you have a local professional providing expert advice and essential services. But don’t hire just any agent – choose one who understands the type of property that you own and the area where you live.

An agent who fully understands your selling needs and goals will represent your best interests throughout the process – from pricing and marketing your home, to negotiating and ironing out the terms of the final deal.

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